Friday, June 8, 2012

Making Agua de Sandia

The other day I got a wild hair and decided to take the left over watermelon in our fridge and make the sort of watermelon water you find at Mexican restaurants.

It's amazingly easy and you can use the pure for loads of yummy stuff.

So essentially what you need to do is this:

1) Cut that watermelon off of rind and into small cubes

2) Stick in a food processor and pure (don't worry about the seeds)

3) Pour liquid through a strainer (this is a good time to allow your kids to help!)
4) Put the strained liquid in a container to drink later. You can also pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze or a larger container to freeze and eat later.

5) To make the Aqua de Sandia pour some of the pure into a cup and add water. I liked a ratio of half to half but you can add more or less water to taste. Lime is a nice addition as well. I like using sparkling water. A friend came to dinner recently and we tried it with Absolute Citron for an adult drink that is crisp and fresh tasting.

You can also use the ice cubes in water! Here are the ice cubes with some lime in sparkling water. YUMMY! Btw: We buy sparkling water by the case at Costco so I hardly ever run low on the stuff and it's the reason I use it so often when playing with drinks.