Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm FAT!

Since having my kids I I have struggled with my weight. I am sure that a part of this is because I waited until my late 30's to have kids and so my metabolism was starting to slow down anyway. In my mind I am 140 lbs. At 5'7" thats not skinny, but it's also not fat. Unfortunately, in this alternate reality I live in I am actually quite a bit heavier. I mean quite a bit.
Last summer I went on the Atkins diet and did well. Since then I have had loads of false starts and stress eating (work, kids, schedules, health of parents, finances, and just life in general) which have landed me in this situation.
Today we do the weekly grocery shopping and I will be picking up items for my diet which will start tomorrow. If I am not well prepared there is not way it will work. So. Wish me luck and check back in (ha! as if anyone is looking anyway!) for my progress.