Monday, March 25, 2013

St Patrick's Day Fun

Last year I decided to take St. Patrick's day to the next level with my kids. So I went to the local craft store and picked up two wooden bowls, some paint, glitter and other fun things. At home I had the kids paint them like Leprechaun pot's-o-gold. Then on the night before St. Patrick's day we put them out for the leprechaun.
Here they are before the Leprechaun came to visit. 

Similar to the Easter Bunny, we waited until they went to sleep and filled them with golden wrapped candy, coins and other goodies.

Candy wrapped in gold, real money and clover confetti thrown all over the area. 
Back in February I found a pair of these tiny green mugs that reminded me of mugs I we had when I was a kid. They look like tiny beer mugs. I included them in the pots of gold with a real dollar inside. The girls just loved the tiny Leprechaun cups!

Using the side of my hand I also made tiny footprints on the bathroom mirrors and then called the kids in to see. They couldn't believe it and were so funny as they reacted to the footprints. I love the idea of establishing these little traditions with my girls and enjoy watching the look on their faces and the many questions they have.

This Sunday is Easter. My posts are a holiday behind! Argh!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Lunch O' The Irish!

Ok, so like many people here in the US, I am part Irish among other things. My father is 100% Irish American and so growing up in our house all things Irish were a big deal. Also, while I cant do everything I want for my kids or give them everything they want, I do love doing fun little things with them. The lunches, in particular the painted sandwiches, are one of those things. This year St. Patrick's day is on a weekend so I started to do St. Patrick's day lunches on Wednesday.
This little leprechaun forgot his hat but brought along some gold coins, apples, yogurt covered raisins, yogurt bark with pomegranates and a tiny box with a surprise inside. Day 3 lunch. 

Pot O Gold sandwich, bean sprouts with lemon, popcorn, yogurt covered raisins and a lucky little treat.  Day 2

Day 1 Clover sandwich with grapes and two small green tart hearts in the clover box. 

Literary Lunches?

I love using the illustrations in my kids books to help give their lunches a theme. Ok,
maybe these lunches are not actually literary, but they give us a chance to talk about the books again.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!

Dr. Seuss's ABC- Letter V
Verna Vera Vin and her violet violin, with apples, yogurt drink and animal cookies. 
Verna's early stage. Black line. 
Here is one of the theme lunch boxes. I love this one because I can change out the picture as I wish. 

One of my favorite images of the good Dr and one of my favorite quotes "From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere."

Last week my daughters kindergarten class is learning about farms right now so for the last two days I have done farm animals. This is inspired by our Charley Harper ABC's book. I just love the illustrations!
H is for Hen pb sandwich with yogurt covered raisins and strawberry/banana bark. 
Sandwich with the inspiration and my favorite sandwich cutter. 

Charley Harper inspired hen chasing a tractor

Monday, March 4, 2013

What about Bob?

I just got the startle of my day! As I looked into the mirror I was greeted by that creepy guy from the 1990's series Twin Peaks. Unsure which creepy guy I might be referring to? I'm talking about Bob, that mystery man who was in the corner or background or worse yet at the foot of the bed as I picture him now. Anyway, there was Bob looking back at me and then my eyes adjusted and I saw it was just my own face in the mirror and that I really, really, need a hair cut. End of story.

Another Crazy Dream

This morning I had a crazy dream. This time my mom was having her face lifted and having metal balls inserted under her skin along her cheeks and jaw. The entire dream was me trying to convince her that she looks good and to leave it alone. I remember showing her the lines between my eyebrows as an example of "normal". Why would she have metal balls put in her face? I have no idea. Obviously my subconsious was playing one hell of a joke on me. What did I ever do to it? Argh!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Winter Painted Sandwiches and Lunch Themes 2012

The holidays got away from me, and I am ashamed to say it's nearly March and I have neglected the blog since the holiday break.
Here to make amends is my post of winter lunches. 
What you need to know. I paint sandwiches using a few water color brushes and food coloring. I use all sorts of lunch boxes and containers and my kids love peanut butter and everything. Here we go!

 "What's this? What's this? There's something in the air!" 
It's Jack Skellington as Sandyclaws. Along with Jack the girls were given snowflake shaped white chocolate dipped pretzels, crackers, cheese and grapes on snowflake skewers.  

Panda Holiday Lunch
Candy cane and star sandwiches. Apples peeled in stripes, cinnamon cereal, and a Hello Kitty marshmallow treat. 

Grinchmas Lunch with Cindy Lou Who
PB sandwich, raisins, whonu cookies

The making of the Grinchmas sandwich
Pair of Reindeer
PB triangles with candy noses and pretzel antlers, tangerines, gingerbread children and a yogurt drink. 

Rudolph the Red Nose Sandwich
chocolate covered pretzels, apples and pomegranates, granola bar. 

Close-up of Rudolph 
Sandwich pops, tree shaped shortbread cookies, grapes and granola drink.

Detail of Frosty
Frosty the Snowman
with granola bar, cheddar and chocolate bunny crackers, string cheese, gummy fruit, grapes and a marshmallow. 
Spongebob Holiday lunch
PB Sandwich, grapes, cheese fish, and a gummy krabby patty.