Friday, June 8, 2012

Dinnertime Mayhem

The hubby has the night off to hang out with some friends. Typically it's no big deal, we have a simple dinner and then relax before bed.
Tonight the three of us are all tired and not at our best. This afternoon I decided to take them to play miniature golf. The 5yo missed out on a school beach trip today because I needed to work so this was the compromise.
ANYWAY- the three of us were tired by dinner time. So I was making something easy, something child-pleasing. Corn dogs and watermelon fries. As I was cooking I looked over at the 2yo who was standing by the kitchen table (dressed as a princess). All of a sudden she got a look in her face and said "Momma!" and I just knew what was happening. She stood there and peed all over the floor. Did I mention that she was about 30 feet from a kid friendly bathroom with a little seat and a stool perpetually set up for her? So then she starts yelling "PEEEEEEEE!" at the top of her lungs and sort of slipping/walking in the urine. Then the 5yo comes in the room yelling "OMG! Did she pee?! I need to see it! Where is it?!" The corn dogs were done at that very moment and I didn't have an oven mitt on but reached into the oven anyway to grab them before they burned. I truly had no idea how hot those damn sticks got in the oven! So, burned two fingers in the process. Princess-pee-her-pants then went back to the slipping and sliding. I picked her up, threw a towel on the pee and set her to the side. As I was cleaning up the pee she took a step and landed on her butt.
This entire thing took about....2 minutes in all.
Now, it's nearly 7pm. They are in their pj's sitting nicely on the couch as if none of the hijynx ever happened.