Friday, June 29, 2012

Driving Papa

My dad is 80. At his age there are issues that crop up. It's expected and understandable but still unnerving.

Today is his follow-up appointment from an out patent surgery he had last week.
Did I mention he is 80?
Here is a tidbit of today's conversation.
Dad "I know you don't like AOL"
Me "What I don't like is that you pay twice for Internet service and the service you get form AOL is actually free"
Dad "they kept sending me a message about something called 1touch or some such thing and it kept popping up until I said OK to it. It's some sort of service that insures you don't lose your files. Ever since I downloaded it my computer is running really slow"
Me "this is from AOL?"
Dad "well ip popped up while I was on AOL and said it would help me but then it took a long time to load and now I can hear it running (insert modem noises here)"
Me "do you need something to store files on?"
Dad "well I saw an add for this Carbonite and It says it will take care of it"
This went on for another 20 minutes.
Looks like I'll be doing some IT at my Dads this weekend. :/