Sunday, June 10, 2012

Last Night I dreamt of San Pedro and the USS Iowa

Yesterday after our regular saturday morning breakfast with the grandparents we decided to take the kids to San Pedro and the cabrillo marine aquarium.
From there we went over to the Ports o-Call to eat lunch and wander. When the hubby and I were kids the Ports O-Call was a destination where you would take out of town family for a day of ocean adjacent food and fun. Today it's a bit rundown and many of the shops are empty. The ghost of it's former self is lurking all the time. But there are still some cute little shops and the amount of fresh seafood available is overwhelming.
So anyway, we met our friend Joe and the five of us spent a couple of hours walking around. Totally unplanned, we just happened to be there the very day that the USS Iowa was moving into it's permanent berth at the San Pedro waterfront. Three football fields of steal and guns made it's way along the San Pedro waterfront as we stood and watched in the early summer sun.
Maybe it won't mean anything to my kids or even anything to us later in life but it sure was fun to be accidentally part of this historic moment in the life of this giant ship and the people who served on it.