Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Travis, this has been bugging me for ages!

If you are old enough you may remember the first 501 commercial circa 1981 you will know the line "Travis, you're a year too late!". This along with the apple commercial based on Orwell's book 1984 really rocked my world.  These commercials were ground breaking and iconic. They only referenced the product and left thousands of us wondering what the hell the images meant. Like many of my generation my parents had immigrated to California from the midwest in the 1950's and/or 1960's so the movie Giant was a story my Dad identified with.  By the time I was a tween I had seen the movie a time or two on network TV so the image was a familiar one to me when I first saw the groundbreaking spot-
The example I found on youtube is a bit different than I remember, but for those of you who need their memory exercised here you go!

Funny how things happen. My husband and I were talking about it this past weekend and I was telling him the story of sitting in my moms car at a light in Anaheim. There was a giant billboard and my sister became possessed by something (possibly just the fact that she was 11) rolled down her car window and practically leaned her entire body out of the window as she yelled "Travis, you're a year too late!" at the top of her lungs in the crowded intersection. There was a white junker next to us full of early 80's punk rock teens and had they not burst out laughing my 13 year old self may have melted into the bucket seat. It really was very spontaneous and funny. None of us knew what the phrase meant, but we all knew it.
While doing a bit of research on this commercial I found this article it gives some really good insight from the creative director of the commercial and finally answers the question "What the heck does that mean?" check it out!