Friday, June 14, 2013

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Moms....June 1-14 2013

So I am a working mom. This is not a unique situation. I wonder how it is that all the other working moms "do it". I swear each week I make all my mental To-do lists, one for work, one for the kids, a few items to do for or with my parents, another for general household things. I start the week off with everything

.....and that is as far as I got on that post which I started on the 1st of the month. UGH!

I begin again now, on June 14th.

Where was I? Yes. Just like when I was back in school and the semester was new- I start each week off with every possibility, with an A.  Like I said before I have my lists, my calendars, my plans. Then every hour, as each day passes, items fall to the bottom of the list, they are forgotten, or done quickly and sometimes, I am sad to say, half-assed. Clean laundry piles up in baskets, projects go undone, plants in my garden die due to neglect, books sit unread. I hate it. I really do, but what can I do? Until someone invents a way to get more hours out of a day or until I win the power ball this is my lot in life. Who am I to bitch and moan about this? I have a job, so many people are struggling to find work. Both of my parents are alive, far too many people in their 40's have lost at least one. I have an often grumpy, caveman of a husband whom I love. I have my two kids, who exhaust and frustrate me but also give me great joy and love.
I'm not complaining, I am just asking. How do other mothers do it?