Friday, November 23, 2012

White Girl Bento Lunches pt. 2

Not all of the lunches I have made for the 5yo have gone well.
#1 on my D'Oh! List-

This was a princess themed lunch that started out alright. I was just learning how to use the spray color, and my airbrush skills have never been very good so the princess turned out a bit messy. Another misstep was the sprinkles on the fruit. It seemed like a good idea at the time but by the time my daughter opened it up to eat they had melted from the moisture of the fruit.
 Detail of messy sandwich
 #2 iPhone sandwich- The kids love playing with my iPhone so I thought this would be a cute idea. I guess the idea is OK but the execution sucked! I made a template to use to spray the color but it slipped while I was working so the orange around the outside was not as crisp as it should have been and the "applications" were not a uniform size.
 #3 Zombie lunch- Again I had an issue with the sandwich because it just looked messy to me. I used a gingerbread man cookie cutter for the body and then painted it green with blood (on head and around mouth) and to add to the zombie look I cut off one of his arms. I still like this idea and will try it again next October but this time I will have had more practice and the painting will be better. I hope.