Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Escape

The day my heart stood still aka when 2yo made it clear that she no longer needed a crib- About six months ago during a trip to Costco each girl was inadvertently allowed to drink a tiny sample of energy drink. On a good day this is a bad idea. On a bad day it's disaster. It was like a cherry on a poop Sunday delivered with a punch in the stomach. I will not assign blame here. Both parents were culpable in this incident in different ways. Me: they were finally calmed down and no one was crying. I was walking behind the hubby who was pushing the cart as he stopped to get the kids samples. Him: the kids wanted a sample and they had stopped crying. Oh, and it didn't say ENERGY DRINK anywhere obvious. It wasn't until I got to the sample table and looked at the item that I understood what had happened. If this day had been part of a movie it would have moved into a montage of kids acting crazy. They ran, they screamed, they laughed and cried. It took a while but they finally crashed around 3:00pm. The 2yo out cold and the 5yo resting, both on a blanket in the front yard.
I thought we had seen the worst and were headed out the tunnel of doom but it turns out I was wrong.
After an hour of peace I woke up the 2yo so that she would be awake for dinner. She was even more cranky and hard to deal with! That night she didn't want to go to bed at the usual time. She cried and cried in her bed for 45 minutes before things went quiet. Then all of a sudden there she was in the den looking up at us "Hi guys!" it's a parenting moment where you don't know if you should laugh, yell, scream or cry. She is like a little an evil elf, so cute and a bit of a devil. She explained in a combination of 2yo speak and mime that she had climbed out of her crib onto her dresser and then slid off her dresser to the floor. She then showed us her back which was red from the escape. OMG!