Friday, November 23, 2012

Fall Themed Bentos

This is Thanksgiving weekend and although it's going to be in the 80's here in Southern California I am starting to plan themes for winter lunches. At this stage in the game my girls refuse to eat anything other than peanut butter sandwiches or some variation.
In order to move ahead I thought I would take a look back, and share, some of the fall themed lunches I made this year. 
For your consideration-
 Fall leaves with raisins, apple cut as leaf, crackers with cheese. Sandwiches are painted using the cans of food coloring in an airbrush technique. Apple was cut using a metal cookie cutter. I used the Box and matching bag by Natural Leaf

 Owl and batts, with letter cookies, craizens and pretzels. Owl is hand painted, candy eyes were sprayed with yellow food coloring. Box and matching bag by Natural Leaf

 All sorts of pumpkins. Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin and chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin candy, pumpkin stick, and an apple. Box and bag by Natural Leaf

 A no so creepy eyeball sandwich, cheese and crackers, gummy worms, dried apples and juice. Eye was made with a round cookie cutter and hand painted details. Hello Kitty box with snap on lid by Sanrio.

 Day of the Dead Lunches- with popcorn mix, apple and mini-snickers bar. Sandwiches made with a Krust Remover and the skulls were hand painted with food coloring.  Sandwich boxes from Target $1 spot, pink have hello kitty on them, green have Pixie Hollow fairies.

 Zombie Attack! Headstone and grave sandwich with hand pick, crumbled cookie soil, granola bar, apples, and laffy taffy. Box and matching bag by Natural Leaf

 Frankensandwich- with candy eyes. Box and matching bag by Natural Leaf

 Ghostly lunch- ghost and pumpkin sandwiches with trail-mix and grapes on a skewer. Hello Kitty box with snap on lid by Sanrio.

 Pilgram and pumpkin sandwiches- (gummy bears in small mushroom box) cliff bar, dried apples, popcorn, yogurt drink, and juice. Hello Kitty Sandwich boxes from Target $1 spot.

Pavo! Turkey sandwich, pumpkin pick, chocolate covered raisins. Silicone cup from