Sunday, January 3, 2016

Of a Visiting Carrot

Today the most awesome carrot came to visit our home. Her name, Elizabeth, Liz for short. 
Not your run of the mill carrot, Liz was full of personality and clearly here to bring some sunshine to the last day of winter break. Liz was fun, and helpful!
She visited my husband as he prepared our dinner, didn't take offense when she saw him preparing the veggies...

She helped me with the Christmas tree...
It was when she went outside to play with the kids that we saw the first warning signs.
The rabbit, typically a sweet if slightly standoffish animal, seemed a bit too interested in Liz. 
Buddy our dog got between them and made sure Liz was safe. (Our Hero!)
Sadly, I turned my back on Liz to help my husband in the kitchen. 
When I checked on her again she was being mauled! It was terrifying!
The bunny was merciless!
Our Lil ran out crying and got between Liz and the bunny. She checked Liz's vitals and it appeared she was not breathing so Lil attempted CPR.
Her entire arm had been eaten and the damage was too extensive. Liz was left a vegitable.

Goodbye Liz Carrot. RIP