Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year's Lunch Resolution for 2016

According to the USDA "Americans waste enough food every day to fill a 90,000 seat football stadium." I'll be honest, I struggle with my kid's lunches. I feel like I am always trying to figure out how much food is enough to send and I am often frustrated with how much comes home, and shocked at what comes home. In an effort to have less food go into the trash I am scaling back, bento lunch boxes have always been our favorites for lunch anyway, and I appreciate how they allow me to control the portion sizes my children take to school each day. 

Here are the lunches I sent earlier this week. 
Half sandwiches. On the right are cucumbers with Tajin in the heart, and a 100% juice Caprisun. On the left, pretzels, a yogurt and a cutie. 
A close up of one

Each time something comes home I am going to try to figure out if it's something they didn't like, didn't feel like, or if I sent too much food. This day the juice on the right came home and so did the cutie. At least we are getting closer...

Happy New Year!