Friday, March 1, 2013

Winter Painted Sandwiches and Lunch Themes 2012

The holidays got away from me, and I am ashamed to say it's nearly March and I have neglected the blog since the holiday break.
Here to make amends is my post of winter lunches. 
What you need to know. I paint sandwiches using a few water color brushes and food coloring. I use all sorts of lunch boxes and containers and my kids love peanut butter and everything. Here we go!

 "What's this? What's this? There's something in the air!" 
It's Jack Skellington as Sandyclaws. Along with Jack the girls were given snowflake shaped white chocolate dipped pretzels, crackers, cheese and grapes on snowflake skewers.  

Panda Holiday Lunch
Candy cane and star sandwiches. Apples peeled in stripes, cinnamon cereal, and a Hello Kitty marshmallow treat. 

Grinchmas Lunch with Cindy Lou Who
PB sandwich, raisins, whonu cookies

The making of the Grinchmas sandwich
Pair of Reindeer
PB triangles with candy noses and pretzel antlers, tangerines, gingerbread children and a yogurt drink. 

Rudolph the Red Nose Sandwich
chocolate covered pretzels, apples and pomegranates, granola bar. 

Close-up of Rudolph 
Sandwich pops, tree shaped shortbread cookies, grapes and granola drink.

Detail of Frosty
Frosty the Snowman
with granola bar, cheddar and chocolate bunny crackers, string cheese, gummy fruit, grapes and a marshmallow. 
Spongebob Holiday lunch
PB Sandwich, grapes, cheese fish, and a gummy krabby patty.