Monday, March 25, 2013

St Patrick's Day Fun

Last year I decided to take St. Patrick's day to the next level with my kids. So I went to the local craft store and picked up two wooden bowls, some paint, glitter and other fun things. At home I had the kids paint them like Leprechaun pot's-o-gold. Then on the night before St. Patrick's day we put them out for the leprechaun.
Here they are before the Leprechaun came to visit. 

Similar to the Easter Bunny, we waited until they went to sleep and filled them with golden wrapped candy, coins and other goodies.

Candy wrapped in gold, real money and clover confetti thrown all over the area. 
Back in February I found a pair of these tiny green mugs that reminded me of mugs I we had when I was a kid. They look like tiny beer mugs. I included them in the pots of gold with a real dollar inside. The girls just loved the tiny Leprechaun cups!

Using the side of my hand I also made tiny footprints on the bathroom mirrors and then called the kids in to see. They couldn't believe it and were so funny as they reacted to the footprints. I love the idea of establishing these little traditions with my girls and enjoy watching the look on their faces and the many questions they have.

This Sunday is Easter. My posts are a holiday behind! Argh!