Thursday, May 10, 2012

Color Me Amazed and Confused (which is a lot better than Cold and Afraid!)

My mom, post stroke a year ago, lives in an assisted living center which her long term insurance helps her with until she is able to live on her own again. She is just turning 70 this month and even still seems to be about 20 years younger than the rest of the people. Because of this and just because of who she is, she has become what I call the Mayor of SunnyC. She knows everyone by name, knows about their kids, their grand kids, their ailments and what they did for a living. My mom runs the moving nights for the community reviewing and choosing movies that will please the older folks. So that's my mom AKA the Mayor of SunnyC.
A few weeks ago she phoned me with the following story (insert blurry transition to Mom's perspective here)- She had gone down to the mailboxes and picked up her mail. In the bundle of envelopes and junk was her insurance reimbursement check which would go toward the next months rent. As she walked back to her apartment she entered the elevator. One of her friends, Ethel, or Mildred, or some other lady was coming along behind so she held the door of the elevator. As she was holding the door the mail fell to the ground. My mom is using a walker and bending down to the ground to pick things up is risky at best. She somehow picked up her mail and went on her way. When she got to her apartment she found the envelope from the insurance company was gone. She checked her bag and went back to look in the elevator. It was nowhere. She knew what had happened. It had slipped down the gap by the elevator door and fallen down the elevator shaft. At that point, she phoned the insurance company to ask about another check but they said it would take 3 weeks to cut and mail. SO. What does my mom do? She goes down to the office and tells them what has happened. They say that the elevator is checked the first week of every month and when the elevator man comes they will call her so she can ask him to look for the check. Did I mention that rent is due on the 10th and that if not paid in full she would be moving out on the 11th? They are serious and it's nearly $3,000 for her studio apartment at this mid-level community. Anyway, the first week of the month comes and goes but nothing has happened, no elevator service guy. We sat down and started looking at her finances and figured out how she could cover the total amount until the replacement check arrived. By this time I was not entirely sure it was down there, and if it was what shape would it be in? Would it be covered in yuck or damaged in some way that would make it useless? Anything was possible.
On Monday I got a call from my mom. She was so excited! The elevator man had been there that morning and she had gone with him to the basement where they found her check. The darn thing was a little dusty but otherwise you would have never guessed where it was for the past few weeks. It was amazing! It was fantastic. It was a huge relief.
At the end of it all, her rent was paid before the grace period was over and everyone could take a deep sigh of relief. Phew!