Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5:13am Wednesday Morning -Zombies!

I woke with this thought "Why have I never seen a zombie in a wheelchair?" and have sat and pondered this for the last 20 minutes. Is it because they (Zombies) have such limited abilities, propelling the chair would be too difficult? Are wheelchair bound victims saved from the zombie fate somehow and simply allowed to die? If the zombie disease overcomes death can it also beat MS? Do directors simply not know what to do with someone in a chair?

I asked my husband as he was getting ready for work and he said "the zombies dragging themselves on the ground used to be in wheelchairs" with such confidence it blew my mind! Where did he pull that from? Has this question already occurred to him? Ah well. He is a cleaver one!

I have another 15minutes before I need to jump into the shower and get this day going. Happy Tuesday!