Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Rough Patch

We hit a rough patch about a week ago and have yet to come out the other side. What's happening, you ask? Well, first both kids seem exhausted most of the time. They have both had short summer colds come and go which is tough. They are not just tired, they are exhausted. Crying for little reason and generally moody. It's also been a busy few weeks which means trying to make the square peg of grumpy and tired children fit into the circle hole. This past Sunday we were laying low so everyone could get some rest. We had just one thing planned, a quick trip to Costco to get household essentials. We were going before lunch to be there near opening time and get out before the masses arrive. The best laid plans!
Two grumpy kids take longer than normal to get out of the house. The 2yo was even difficult to secure in her carseat. Then we finally arrived to Costco about a half hour later than planned. Not too bad. The place was packed! Like many parents we have a system for this sort of shopping which hinges on the kids sitting in a giant apartment sized cart for the entire trip. I should have turned around when the 5yo insisted on walking! It quickly disintegrated to the point where we were, to my horror, THAT family with two crying kids in Costco.
Here's hoping we find a smooth patch soon!